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Explosive Cotton

Two German Philosophers have discovered a mode of preparing Cotton so as to give it all the properties of Gunpowder. The mode of preparing it is thus explained:

"In order to obtain explosive cotton, I steed it for half a minute in strodgly concentrated nitric acid, which I prepare by the distillation of ten parts of dry saltpetre and six parts of the oil of vitriol. I then wash it immediately in water, renewing the water so as to get rid entirely of the acid, taking care to separate the portions which adhere too closely together. It is then dried and the process is thus completed. The effects of this preparation have astonished all who have witnessed them. The smallest quantity of this cotton placed upon an anvil, and struck with a hammer, produces and explosion equal to that of fulminating mercury. When a light is set to it, it explodes like gunpowder, and in a gun produces all the effects of gunpowder in much smaller quantities. The explosive cotton is to be used precisely the same way as gunpowder. It is made into a kind of plug, after which a wadding is introduced, as with gunpowder, and over this the ball is placed, and all are rammed down with a ramrod. The explosion of the capsule produces that of cotton."

Experiments have been made with the prepared cotton by several European governments, all of which have tested the invention sat sfactoril. Two ounces of the prepared cotton are found to have as much force as three ounces of gunpowder.

Mr. Von Schmidt, of New York, also claims to have made the same discovery, and the cotton prepared by his mode, has been tested by the War Department at Washington with complete success.

The advantages of this cotton over gunpowder are: 1st. It is cheaper. 2d. It is unattended with danger in its preparation. 5d. It can be transported with more ease and safety. 4th. It is cleaner when it explodes, it leaves neither smell nor dirt behind. 6th, It is not injured by wet, after being thoroughly soaked, and dried again, it explodes as well as ever.

This invention will work an entire revolution in the shooting business, in a very short time.


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