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Downtown: The Clickable Mystery


Whig Abolitionism

More Testimony. We are not in receipt of the N. York Tribune, and read it only occasionally; but an exchange paper, (the Hampshire Herald,) has the following:

"Whig Abolitionism.--A good deal has been said about the Antislavery course and character of Mr. Bebb, the newly elected Whig Governor of Ohio--that is, before the election. But since then, it is announced by a correspondent of the N. York Tribune, that Mr. Bebb took the ground that we may with perfect propriety discourage or prohibit the immigration of Blacks, or remove them from here." So we suppose, this must be regarded as a genuine sample of Whig Antislavery.

We will endeavor to look up this letter in the Tribune, that we may add it to the proof on the first page of this paer, of the duplicity of Wm. Bebb--in professing up here on the Reserve to be a friend of the colored people, and down yonder inventing and defending new disability to inflict upon them.--Clev. Amer.


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