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Downtown: Images 10

Thumbnail: Photo of Sixth Street Bridge in 1927
(detail). 180K 6th St. Thumbnail: Postcard of Sixth Street Bridge (detail). 157K 6th St. Thumbnail: Photo of Sixth Street Bridge (detail). 187K 6th St.
Thumbnail: Photo of man begging on Sixth Street Bridge
(detail). 174K 6th St. Thumbnail: Scanned ad of Gulf Service Station
(detail). 122K Gulf Station Thumbnail: Scanned postcard of Pittsburgh at night
(detail). 37K By Night
Thumbnail: Postcard of strollers and shoppers in
Jenkins Arcade (detail). 116K Jenkins Arcade Thumbnail: Scanned cartoon of Cy Hungerford drawn by himself 
(detail). 142K Hungerford Thumbnail: Scanned photograph of Cy Hungerford (detail). 129K Hungerford
Thumbnail: Cartoon of the spirit of Robert Garland (detail). 135K D.S.T. Thumbnail: Cartoon of Pa Pitt (detail). 48K Pa Pitt Thumbnail: Stadium over the Mon (detail). 144K Stadium

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