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Downtown: Books for Sale
at Zadok Cramer's Bookstore, 1810

Catalogue of Books for Sale

Catalogue of "Books for Sale, Wholesale and Retail, at Zadok Cramer's Bookstore, (Franklin's Head) Market-Street, Pittsburgh." From Cramer's Pittsburgh Magazine Almanack, for the Year of Our Lord 1810.

Brown's self-interpreting Bible
Willoughby's family ----- do -- folio
A variety of quarto Bibles
Canne's Bible, octavo
Pocket and school Bibles
Family and school Testaments
German Bibles and Testaments
Common Prayer book
David's Psalms
Watt's Psalms and Hymns
Olney's Hymns & Spiritual Songs
Doddridge's Family Expositor, a paraphrase and version of the New Testament, 6 vols
Buck's Theological Dictionary
Fulfilling of the Scripture
Gaston's scripture account of the faith & practice of Christians
Skinner's Truth and Order
Oriental Customs, or an illustration of the scriptures, 2 vols
Orton's Exposition of the Old Testament, 6 vols
Hunter's Sacred Biography, or the history of the Patriarchs, &c. 4 vols
Zollikofer's sermons on the dignity of Man, 2 vols
White's Sermons preached before the university of Oxford
Welch's select Sermons
Lathrop's Sermons, adapted to the promotion of Christian piety, and youthful virtue
Porteus's Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew
Life of the rev. John Wesley
Science of Sanctity, by the rev. Thomas Fessenden
Dictionary of the Bible, 2 vols
Burder's history of the Holy Bible, 2 vols
Impartial history of the Church of Christ, 2 vols--by Haweis
Sermons by Dr. Blair, 2 vols
Newton on the Prophecies
Owen on Redemption
Reign of Grace
Glad tidings to perishing sinners
Marshall's Catechism
Christian Panoply
Twenty Sermons, by Edwards
Sermons preached in London at the formation of the Missionary society
Select sermons, by Saurin
Essays on some of the most important Christian doctrines & virtues, by Knox
Clark's Scripture Promises
Evidences of the Christian religion, by Addison
Death of legal Hope, the life of evangelical obedience
Guide and Refuge
Sacred Mirror, by rev. T. Smith
Paley's View of the Evidences of Christianity
Vindication of the Scriptures
Four Gospels, with plates
Friendship in Death by Elizabeth Rowe
Marshall's Gospel Mystery of Sanctification
Bossuet's Exposition
Porteus's Truth and divine origin of the Christian revelation
Scott's Force of Truth
Anderson's Precious Truth
Golden Treasury for the children of God
Devout exercises of the Heart, by Elizabeth Rowe
Christian character exemplified by the rev. John Newton
Biographical Sermons, Enfield
Ten Discourses, by Samuel Fothergill
Faith no Fancy--Erskine
Life and Death of the rev. John Fletcher
Gospel its own Witness
Sermons on the goodness of God &c. by Price
Christian Institutes--Gastrell
Willison on the Catechism
_______ Impartial Testimony
Festival and Fasts of the protestant episcopal church
Erskine's Gospel Sonnets
Bunyan's Minor Works
_______ Pilgrims Progress
Village Dialogues, between farmer Littleworth, revd. Mr. Lovegood and others, 2 vols
Hervey's Meditations
Gardiner's Life, by the rev. Dr. Doddridge
Gospel alarm to Christendom
Missionary Journal by Gregory
Allein's Alarm to unconverted sinners
Following of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis
Key of Paradise
Catholic prayer book
Practical Reflections for every day in the year
General history of the Christian church
Law's Serious Call
Flechere's posthumous pieces
Rural Philosophy, or reflections on knowledge, virtue and happiness
Excellence of the Christian religion, by Hannah Adams
Baxter's Call to the Unconverted
______ Miscellany
Balm of Gilead
Discourses to young persons by the late rev. John Clarke
Confessions of Faith
Challenor's Meditations upon Christian truths and duties
Beauties of Hervey
Death of Abel
Dodd's on Death
Centaur not Fabulous, by Dr. Young
Edwards on Baptism
_______ on Religious Affections
_______ Life and character
Duty of Prayer Recommended, with some thoughts on societies for prayer and religious conference, by Pringle
Happy Voyage completed, or sure anchor cast, a sermon
M'Leod's Ecclesiastical Catechism
Russel's Seven Sermons
Candid Reasons for renouncing the principles of Antipedobaptism
Whitefield's memoirs & sermons
War with Antichrist
Hall's Contemplations
Delights of wisdom concerning Conjugal Love, and pleasures of insanity concerning Scortatory Love, by Swedenborg
History of the Methodists, by Myles
Sermons by the late rev. John Logan, one of the ministers of Leith
Sermons on several subjects, by the right rev Bielby Porteus, bishop of London
Scripture doctrine of Regeneration, by the rev Chas. Backus
Devotional Exercises for young persons
A tract upon Conversion, by the rev. James Kemp
Remarks on the definitive article in the Greek text of the New Testament, by Sharp
A preservative against unsettled notions and want of principles in religion, 2 vols
Winchester's Dialogues
Catechisms, and a variety of religious pamphlets
Meditations of Hervey, versified with other poems, by the rev. John Anketell
History of Ireland, by Plowden, 5 vols
American coast Pilot
Parents' Friend, 2 vols
Beauties of the Studies of Nature--St. Pierre
Priestley's Lectures on History, 2 vols
Clarke's Homer, 4 vols
Travels of Anacharsis, 4 vols
Life and Pontificate of Leo X. 4 vols
Adam's Roman Antiquities
Picture of the empire of Napoleon Bonaparte
Anecdotes of Frederick the Great, 2 vols
Gibbon's Roman Empire, 8 vols
Nicholson's Gardening
Medical Repository, 12 vols
Miller's Retrospect of the 18th century, containing a sketch of the improvements in science, arts, &c. 2 vols.
Nature and Art, 14 vols.
Mavor's Universal History, 25 v
Life of Cowper, by Hayley
Mackay's Navigator
Flint's Surveying
Seneca's Morals
Alexr. Hamilton--collection of facts and documents relative to his death, by Coleman
Modern Philosopher, or Terrible Tractoration, by Caustick
Trial of the Judges of the supreme court of Pennsylvania
Medical Guide, for the use of families & young practitioners
Materia Medica
Underwood on diseases of children
Lavoisire's Chymistry
Denman's Midwifery
Bell on Wounds
___ Surgery, 4 vols
Cullen's Practice
Black's Chymistry, 3 vols
Parkinson's Medical Admonitions to families
Cavello on Magnetism
Gardiner on the Gout
Pharmacopoeia of the Massachusetts Medical Society
Edinburgh Dispensatory
Haller's Physiology
Bailey's Dictionary
Brooke's Gazetteer
Monitor--for young gentlemen and ladies
The Lawyer, or Man as he ought not to be
Ladies Companion
Zaida, a novel, by Kotzebue
Elizabeth, or Exiles of Siberia, a tale, from the French
Pokahontas, or first settlers in Virginia
Modern Geography, 2 vols
Columbian Orator
History of Charles XII. king of Sweden, by Voltaire
Ossian's poems, elegant edition, with plates, 2 vols
Locke's Essays, 3 vols
Shakspeare's Plays
History of Bonaparte
Malthus on Population, 2 vols
Memoirs of the Philadelphia Agricultural society
American Register, or general repository of history, politicks and science, 4 vols
Bonnycastle's Algebra
Simson's conic sections
Telemachus, French & English
Charlotte Temple, a novel
Young's Latin Dictionary
Walker's Dictionary
Robertson's Charles V. 3 vols
Domestick Encyclopaedia, or a dictionary of facts and useful knowledge, 5 vols
Miscellaneous works of David Humphreys, esq.
Memoirs of Richard Cumberland, written by himself
Life of Charles Fox
Sorrows of Werter
Administration of John Adams
[Starge's] works, 5 vols
Roland's Ancient History, 8 vls
Carr's Stranger in Ireland with the life of Dermoody
Volney's Lectures
Pope's poetical works, 5 vols
Addison's do. do.
Beauties of the Botanic Garden
Acerbi's travels thro' Sweden, Finland and Lapland, 2 vols
Paine's political works, 2 vols
Biography of public characters
Ewell's economical and philosophical Discourses, detailing the properties of matter
Washington's letters to Arthur Young
Biographical Chart
Incidents of the Western Insurrection, by Brackenridge
Court of St. Cloud
Poems, by R. B. Davis
Galatea, a pastoral romance
Poems, by the rev. T. Browne
Theodore, or the gamester's progress, a poem
Pike's arithmetick improved, & adapted to federal currency
An easy introduction to Book-keeping
Young Mill-wright and Miller's Guide, with plates
Philanthropist, or political miscellany
Book-keeping, by Wm. Jackson
Boileau's works, French
American Military library, or repository of modern tacticks
The complete American letter-writer, and best companion for the young man of business
Universal Letter-writer, with forms of bonds, deeds, &c.
Epistles, odes, and other poems by Thomas Moore
Select plays--Speed the plough, Life, &c.
Credulity and seduction, with other poems, by Barry
Birds of Scotland--Grahame
Poetic Trifles, by John Henry Mills, comedian
Saul--a poem in two parts
Beauties of Owen Felltham
Patriotic Sketches of Ireland, written in Connaught, by Miss Owenson
The pleasures of Human life, investigated cheerfully
Anson's Voyage round the world
Boyle's Voyages and adventures
Gulliver's Travels, 2 vols
History of Tom Fool, 2 vols
Rambler, by Johnson, 4 vols
The Clerk's Magazine
A Journal of the voyages and travels of the corps of discovery to Pacifick ocean--Gass
Pleasures and pains of Memory, poems by Rogers and [Merry]
Elements of Logick, by Duncan
Travels throughout the interior of America, by Carver
Farmer's Boy, by Bloomfield
Goldsmith's Roman History
_________ Grecian do.
Life of Doctor Johnson
Collection of poems--select
Travels in Louisiana and the Floridas
History of the grand insurrection, and struggles for liberty in Ireland
Pennsylvania Farmer
The old English Baron--a tale
Voyages from Montreal to the Frozen ocean--Mackensie
Morse's Geography made easy
______ American Universal Geography, and Atlas
American Revolution
Works of Edmund Burke, 4 vol
Dialogues of the Dead
Family Tour through the British empire
Legacies--Father and Mother's
Beauties of Oliver Goldsmith
Works of lady Montague, 5 vols
Modern Chivalry, 2 vols.
Beauties of Sterne
Gulliver Redivious, or travels and adventures by sea & land
Seasons in England, a descriptive poem
Picture of New York, or traveller's guide through commercial metropolis of the U. S.
Epitome of the arts and sciences, or a short system of polite learning
Johnson's miniature Dictionary
Builder's Jewel, illustrated by upwards of 200 examples, on 100 copperplates
Visit for a Week, or hints on the improvement of time
History of North and South America, by Snowden
Rural Tales, by Bloomfield
Hutton's Measurer
Lectures on Rhetorick--Blair
Life of Doctor Franklin
History of Sandford and Merton
Plutarch's Lives, 6 vols
Adeline Mowbray, or the Mother and Daughter, a novel, by Mrs. Opie
Opie's Simple Tales, 2 vols
Ethelinda, or the Recluse of the lake, 3 vols
Exile of Erin, a novel, by Mrs. Plunket late Miss Gunning
Corinna of Italy, a novel
Dodsley's Fables
Don Quixote, 4 vols
Abridgement of Universal Geography, by Mrs Rowson
Tour through upper and lower Canada
Military and political hints
Manual exercise, by Steuben
Introduction to Natural history
Wild Flowers, or pastoral and local poetry, by Bloomfield
Young's Night Thoughts
Duties and character of women, considered, by Mrs. West
Paradise lost and regained
The gentleman's miscellany
General character of the Dog
Book of Trades, or library of useful arts, illustrated by copperplates, 3 vols
Rural poems, by John Hayes
Honeywood's poems
Thomson's seasons
American Nepos, or lives of the most eminent men
History, sacred and profane, epitomized by Tucker
The Task a poem, by Cowper
Interesting memoirs, by a lady
Bayley's poems
History of the civil war in Ireland, 2 vols
Beauties of the children's friend
Elements of natural history
Youth's library, or looking glass for the mind, 2 vols
Adventures of Guidentio di Lucca, and his remarkable trial before the inquisition
Miscellaneous poems--Sewell
Homer's Iliad, by Pope
Adventures, travels and sufferings of the noted Henry Tufts
History of the world from the creation to the year 1802
Fleetwood or the new man of feeling, by Godwin
Domestick Recreation, or dialogues illustrative of natural and scientifick subjects
Portugal---sketches of society and manners in, 2 vols
Antiquities of Greece, 2 vols
Campbell's political survey of Great Britain 2 vols
History of the life of cardinal Reginald Pole, 4 vols
Bruce's travels, 6 vols
Volney's view of the soil and climate of U. S. of America, with supplementary remarks on Florida
Goldsmith's history England
Zimmerman on national pride
Gazetteer of the eastern continent
Wallis on Diseases
Wyche's treatise on the practice of New York supreme court
Bayard's abstracts
Chitty on Bills
Jones on Bailments
Gilbert's common pleas
Mac Nally's Evidence
Laws--study of the
Robinson's admiralty reports, 5v
Blackstone's Commentaries
Laws of Pennsylvania
Conductor Generalis, or the office, duty, and authority of justices of the peace
Abridgement of Coke's Institutes
Attorney's pocket book
East's Reports, 5 vols
____ Crown Law
Schiefer's Practice
Gilbert's Law and Equity
Buller's Nisi Prius
Roberts on Frauds
New York cases in Error
Powell on Devises
_____ on Mortgages
Johnson's Reports, 2 vols
Espinasse's Reports, 5 vols
Addison's Reports
Trial of Smith and Ogden
Peake's law of Evidence
Azuni's Maritime law, 2 vols
Wooddeson's Lectures
Montagu on Set-off
Graydon's Digest
Park on Insurance
Admiralty Decisions, by the hon. Richard Peters
Trial of Selfridge for killing of Charles Austin
Raymond's Reports, 3 vols
Bosanquet and Fuller's Reports 4 vols
Saunder's Reports, 3 vols
Dallas's ---- do. 4 vols
Vesey's ----- do. 5 vols
Kyd on Awards
Fonblanque's Equity, 2 vols
Cruise on Real Property, 5 vols
_____ Reports
Henry Blackstone's Reports, 2 vols
Cranch's Reports, 3 vols
Plowden's do. 2 vols
Salkeld's do 2 vols
Tidd's Practice, 2 vols
_____ Appendix
Modern Reports, 12 vols
Wilson's do 3 vols
Comyn's Digest, 6 vols
Lawyer's Magazine, 3 vols
Burrow's Reports, 3 vols
Reeve's English Law, 4 vols
Burn's Justice, 4 vols
Vernon's Chancery, 2 vols
Medford's Pleadings
Kirby's Reports
Equity Pleader, 2 vols
Dyer's do 3 vols
Henning & Mumford's reports
Burn's Law Dictionary
Morgan's Pleader
Foster's Crown law
Finch's Chancery
Pennington's Reports
Read's Pleader's Assistant
Wilson's Works, 3 vols
Gilbert on Replevin
Sullivan's Lectures
Wilson on Fines
Sheridan's Practice
Roper on Wills
Vattel's Law of Nations
Willes's Reports
Marshal on Insurance
Andrews's Reports
Law Grammar
Hale's Common Law
Booth on Real Actions
Day's reports--Barton's Equity
Caldecott's reports
Anstruther's do.
Sir Thomas Raymond's do.
Barclay's complete and universal English Dictionary
Geological account of the United States, by Dr. Mease
Introduction to Astronomy, by Ferguson
Letters of the British Spy
Eccentrick Biography of Female characters, ancient & modern
Essays on Man, by Pope
Clarke's Caesar--do. Justin
Juvenal Delphini
Introduction to Latin syntax
_________ to do. grammar
Prosodia: institutionem linguae Latinae
Caesar's Commentaries--Mair
Ross's Latin grammar
_____ do. and English vocab.
Greek grammar
French grammars
Wanostrocht's Recueil choisi
German spelling books, &c
Murray, Webster's and other grammars
Murray's Exercises
Perry, Entick, and other school dictionaries
Murray's Introduction, English reader, and sequel
Scott's Lessons on elocution
Dwight's geography
Young ladies Mentor
Mentorial Tales--Pilkington
Walsh's new system of arithmetic
Gough's arithmetic improved
Jess's arithmetic
____ surveying
Kimber's arithmetic for children
Gibson's surveying
American Preceptor, &c. &c.
A great variety of spelling books and primers
Saw Miller's Assistant
Observations on live stock
Economy of human life
The Grave a poem
The whole duty of Woman
Also a variety of small books, among which, are the following:
The Child's library of Useful Knowledge
Memoirs of the life of Putnam
Memoirs of the life of Nelson
History of a Pin
Gifts for young people
Baron Trenck's life
Address to a young lady
Magnanimity rewarded
American Jester
New Robinson Crusoe
Legerdemain in perfection
The sparrow
History of Bees
Easy road to learning
History of British Birds
Various modes of catching
Youthful recreations
Twelve cents worth of wit
Wonderful dream, by Watts
Novel in miniature
The little woman and pedlar
History of Margery Two-shoes
Dangers of the streets
History of the Big letters
Masters and misses Delight
Dame Margery's Hush-a-bye
John Gilpin's journey
Ball Room companion
Franklin's Way to Wealth
The sailor's Daughter
Idleness and Industry
Old Mother Hubbard and Dog
Merchants, honesty & knavery
Easy enigmas and puzzles
Present for good girls
Anedotes of a little Family
Henry's letters from London
Rhymes for the Nursery
The children in the Wood
The parlour Teacher
The principles of politeness
Rational Brutes
The Canary Bird
The little Rambler
Pompey the little
The minor cabinet
Daisy, or stories in verse
Barring-out, or party spirit
Dame Partlett's Farm
History of George Worthy
Fairy Tales--Twelve Cesars
Wise masters of Rome
The prize of Youthful obedience
Magazine of songs
Amusement for good children
The little Mary and her cat
Take your choice
A New Battledoor
The Modern story-teller
The Tame Goldfinch
History of little Jack
The Harvest Home
Plays, viz.
Gentle shepherd, pastoral
Ways and means, 3 acts
Duenna, a comic opera
Guilty or not Guilty
Thirty Thousand, or who's the Richest?
Love laughs at lock-smiths
Children in the Wood
The Deserter, a musical drama
Speculation, a comedy
Prisoner at Large
Cinderella, or little glass slipper
Elfrida, a tragedy
Chains of the Heart
The prisoner, a musical romance
The Trust, a comedy
The Miser, do
The spoil'd Child, a farce
Two to One, a comic opera
We Fly by Night
Whistle for It
First Floor
Box-lobby Challenge
Mysteries of the castle
The Married Man
Blue Beard, or female curiosity
False Appearances
Time's a Tell-tale
Driver and his Dog
Leicester, a tragedy
He would if He could
The school for lovers
Il Bondocani, the caliph Robber
The Quaker, a comic opera
Fox Chase, a comedy
Wallenstein, a drama
Fontainville Abbey, a tragedy
Delinquent, or seeing company
The lord of the Manor
Venetian Outlaw
The spipwreck
The peevish Man
Battle of Hexham
Darby's Return, an interlude
Antonio, a tragedy
Hunter of the Alps
Matrimony, a petit opera
Man of Fortitude
Match for a Widow
Maps, Prints, &c.
Map of the United States, coloured, and post roads laid down by Bradley
___ of the state of Ohio, by Mansfield
___ of the Orleans territory and the Floridas
___ of the state of Kentucky
___ of the Holland comp. lands
___ of the great plains of Sciota
___ of the Falls of Ohio
___ of Europe
___ of the World
Carey's Atlas
Plan of the city of New York
___ of Philadelphia
___ of Pittsburgh
Likenesses of gen. Washington and his lady
Moses receiving the commandts
David praising God
Redemption and Annunciation
Jesus appearing to Mary
Emblems of Asia, Africa, Europe and America
Fisherman, mower, game-keeper, and market-woman
Jefferson's portrait
Belinda--landscapes, &c.
Drawing books, drawing paper, musick and silk paper
Copy-slips, and lead pencils
Pocket books, slates, &c.
Inkstands, quills, and wafers
Ink, and Ink-powder
Letter, Foolscap, Demy, and Medium writing paper
Hanging --------------------------------------- do.
An assortment of Blank Books constantly on hand, for the supply of merchants & others--whose orders will be duly acknowledged.

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