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Early Printing in Pittsburgh, 1786-1856: Notes

  1. Hugh Henry Brackenridge, Gazette Publications (Carlisle, Pa.: 1806), 7.
  2. They carried perhaps the most celebrated of early American presses, a small wooden hand machine fashioned by Adam Ramage. See J. Cutler Andrews, Pittsburgh's Post-Gazette: The First Newspaper West of the Alleghenies (Boston: 1936), 2.
  3. Rollo G. Silver, The American Printer (Charlottesville, Va.: 1967), 142.
  4. Douglas C. McMurtrie, A History of Printing in the United States, 4 vols. (New York: 1936), Vol. II, 88. This pamphlet sold for a half-dollar.
  5. Ibid., 90.
  6. Boyd hung himself on the bluff that overlooks the Monongahela River (in the area of present-day Duquesne University). The hill subsequently became known as Boyd's Hill.
  7. McMurtrie, A History of Printing in the United States, Vol . II, 92.
  8. Evelyn C. Edie, "A Checklist of Pittsburgh Imprints From 1821 through 1840, With A Historical Introduction" (unpublished diss., Catholic University of America, 1955), 19.

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