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Downtown: People: Abraham Lincoln: Photonote

CAPTION: Monongahela House--Pittsburgh's Historical
Hotel. History Students Inspecting Room Occupied by Abraham Lincoln
in His Visits to Pittsburgh. D-2234.
NOTES: Reverse of Postcard: "Monongahela House,
Pittsburgh's Historical Hotel, has numbered 11 Presidents of the 
United States as its guests: John Quincy Adams, Taylor, Lincoln,
Grant, Garfield, Hayes, Cleveland, Harrison, McKinley, Roosevelt
and Taft. Others famous in history who have enjoyed its hospitality
are Generals Sherman, Sheridan, Scott, Beauregard as well as Horace
Greeley, James G. Blaine, "Mark Twain," William Jennings Bryan,
Moody and Sankey, Henry M. Stanley and others. It has also sheltered
the Prince of Wales (later King Edward) and Prince Louis Napoleon of
The postcard in the Pennsylvania Department collections is
tinted green as shown in this online image.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Wide World Photos, Pittsburgh Bureau. 
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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