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The Hill District: Gus Greenlee


W. A. "Gus" Greenlee

  • A veteran of World War I, W. A. "Gus" Greenlee opened one of Pittsburgh's hottest jazz spots in those days--the Crawford Grill restaurant and dance hall in The Hill District. (8)

  • When Gus took the ball team [the Crawfords], he let us know that it was his intention not to leave it as a sandlot team...He was going to the top. (9)

  • Greenlee's profits from his business ventures helped in the purchase of a new 22 seat bus and the development of Greenlee Field, a first-class facility located on Bedford Avenue, seating 6,000 at a cost of $100,000--a large sum during the depression. (10)

  • Gus was a wonderful fellow. Everybody liked him. He was in the kicks, all right. (11)


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