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The Hill District: Art Class


CAPTION: Irene Kaufmann Settlement--Art Class.
NOTES: Center Ave., Hill District.
"Founded in 1897 to aid immigrants settling on the 'Hill,' 
the Irene Kaufmann Settlement was so named in 1909 when
'Uncle Henry' Kaufmann provided a new building at 
1835 Center Ave. in memory of his daughter.  It was re-named
in 1957 for Anna B. Heldman, pioneer visiting nurse.  Above,
a children's class in painting, one of the many diversions
offered at the center." Esther Bubley.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Esther Bubley. 
DATE: June 1950.
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Social Settlement. 
Irene Kaufmann Settlement.;   
Pittsburgh. Children.
#: Neg. Number 65; A255.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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