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The Hill District:
Playground on Roof Is Great Attraction

From The Pittsburgh Sun 27 July 1923, p.10 .

Other Features Incorporated in Summer School in Hill District Which Has Large Attendance.
That kiddies and older children in the congested Hill District may not be denied a spot for recreation in the outdoors, an open-air playground has been established for them atop the Irene Kaufmann Settlement. The roof attraction is but one of the many features incorporated this year in the summer play school established by the Settlement.

Up there on the roof there is a large enclosure screened off for the little ones. Sliding boards, sand piles, seesaws and other equipment suitable to the tots get much use every time a class of youngsters goes up. In addition, the little ones are instructed in kindergarten work, such as circle games and handcraft.

The remaining portion of the roof is devoted to games, drills and instruction, and in the evenings a piano provides dance music for the older boys and girls. Flower boxes line the wall taps. The roof is electrically lighted.

Rooms throughout the building are occupied every morning by girls and boys taking instruction in recreational and educational lines. The water in a swimming pool in one end of the Settlement is never still.

The boys are learning to cook. Not cooking such as girls do--the boys wouldn't stand for that--but camp cooking, where the fellows are taught to prepare food while on a hike or at camp. Miss Esther Harter is instructor. And some of the girls make toys, little wooden things they saw from wood, cut into little figures and paint.

Each girl is permitted to keep on of those she makes, and the rest are given to hospitals. Costumes for plays are also made in this department. Miss Margaret Vero is in charge of the work.

Much stress is put on the drinking of milk, which is sold to the children at cost. Sidney A. Teller, resident director, stated that four reasons prompted the establishment of the summer play school--to build up health, teach methods of recreation and education and to prevent delinquency. The activities of the Settlement are many, and hundreds attend daily. Other instructors include Esther Rogow, Tessie Morrison, Dora Tannenbaum and Sadie Fagadow.

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