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The Hill District: People: Robert L. Vann: Photonote

CAPTION: Robert L. Vann as a young man. 
NOTES: Publisher and Editor of the Pittsburgh Courier.
"Rising quickly through his law practice as a
Negro leader, Vann was attorney in the incorporation
of a Negro newspaper, taking his $50 fee out in stock.
When the paper (The Courier) began to waver, Vann bought
all the stock, pushed The Courier up into the topflight
of Negro journalism.  With new capital in 1923 he set
The Courier up in his Fourth Avenue law office. In 1929
he put up a trim $54,000 building on Centre Avenue, where 
he established both his editorial and law offices."
From "Self-Respect," in the Bulletin Index, 
17 May 1934. 
Today (1995) the newspaper still flourishes  as 
The New Pittsburgh Courier. 
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Portraits. Vann, Robert L.  
#: P5845. 
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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