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Lawrenceville: Fritzie Zivic


Ferdinand "Fritzie" Zivic,
Welterweight Champion of the World,
4 October 1940 - 29 July 1941.
BORN: 1913.
DIED: 17 May 1984.
BURIED: St. Nicholas Cemetery, Millvale.

  • In the early days, when immigrants surged to Lawrenceville mills and factories for jobs, nationalities respected ward boundaries, and fisticuffs were a way of life. ... Fritzie Zivic, for instance, who grew up with his four brothers in [the] 9th Ward, has said, "You either had to fight or stay in the house.
    We went out." (3)

  • After leaving boxing in 1949, Fritzie tried promoting; managing; working in a steel mill; selling wine, whiskey and beer; bartending; and laboring on a county work crew before settling into boilermaking. (4)

  • He had a body like a wire, a mind like a chess player, a quick wit and a splendid smile. (5)


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