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North Side: People

* Charles Avery
"He aided the escape of slaves from the South to Canada in the underground railroad."
* Eben M. Byers
"The positive diagnosis of radium poisoning was made a year ago"
* Willa Cather
"She often referred to Pittsburgh as the 'birthplace' of her writing career."
* George W. G. Ferris
"The passengers gasped in unison and looked at each other with smiles more or less sickly."
* Henry J. Heinz
"Every successful business must be 'run by heart power.'"
* Henry Kleber
"Founder of the music firm that bears his name"
* Samuel Pierpont Langley
"Not to construct a flying machine but if possible to determine the laws governing flight"
* Father Suitbert Mollinger
"A deathly silence reigned on Troy Hill this morning."
* Mary Roberts Rinehart
"The butler did it."
* Charles Taze Russell
"More than 1,000 of the members are reported to be prisoners in German concentration camps for their refusal to say 'Heil Hitler' with the same persistence that marks the refusal of those in the United States to salute the flag."
* Gertrude Stein
"Pigeons on the grass alas"

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