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Three Rivers Lecture Series

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Barbara Kingsolver

November 6, 1995
I like stories about ordinary people doing heroic things
that are heroic only if you look close enough.--Barbara Kingsolver

"Possessed of an extravagantly gifted narrative voice, Kingsolver blends a fierce and abiding moral vision with benevolent, concise humor. Her medicine is meant for the head, the heart, and the soul," praises Karen Karbo in a New York Times Book Review.

Barbara Kingsolver sees herself as a human rights activist. But mindful that readers not find her pedantic, she reveals her passions through poetic language, insightful characters and engaging storytelling. The result has been a string of bestselling, critically acclaimed novels and nonfiction.

Her first novel, The Bean Trees, introduced many of the author's social concerns and has since been published in more than 65 countries. A collection of 12 artfully-crafted stories and a nonfiction account of a 1983 mine strike followed. Kingsolver returned to fiction with Animal Dreams, exploring the worlds of people from many different backgrounds, and Pigs in Heaven, an emotionally complex story of the rights of community versus the individual.

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