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Oakland: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


CAPTION: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
speaking at the University of Pittsburgh.  
NOTES: "We must realize," 
[Dr. King] said, concluding his formal address,
"that we are tied together--white and black Americans--in a single
garment of destiny. There cannot be a separate black or white path
to power, there cannot be fulfillment for one group that does not
share in the other's aspirations. The black man needs the white 
man to save him from his fear; the white man needs the black man
to save him from his guilt.
"I still believe in the future," King said in conclusion. "Our goal
is freedom, and we'll get there because the goal of America is
freedom. Abused and scorned as we may be, our destiny is bound up
with America's...The heritage of our nation and God are on our side,
and with this faith, we will transform the jangling discords of our
nation into a symphony of brotherhood..."(2) 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Howard B. Elson.
DATE: [2 or 9] November 1966.

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