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Oakland: Honus Wagner


CAPTION: Drawing of Honus Wagner from
an advertisement promoting a contest.  
NOTES: "Pride of Pittsburgh. Hurrah for 'Honus'--
Find the Other Players. Magnificent $500 Upright Grand Piano, 20
Watches and Numerous Other Cash Value Prizes to Be Distributed
among Successful Participants in This Great Prize Puzzle Contest.
Can you figure out the number of players in the above picture. To
the person sending in the nearest and neatest correct solution will
be awarded a magnificent new Upright Piano, absolutely free. The
Watches and other premiums will be awarded according to the merits
of the answers received. Only one prize given in a family. Our
decisions final. Directions: Trace the outlines of the players
neatly with pencil or pen, and mail to us together with your name
and address plainly written on separate sheet of paper. Winners
will be notified by mail. Contest closes Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1909.
Ambuhl Bros. Piano Co. 528 Smithfield St., Pittsburgh, Pa." 
The exhibit offers some biographical information on Honus Wagner. 
In a photograph Honus converses with Ty Cobb and Davy Jones;
and, for good reason, Honus Wagner was known as the "Flying Dutchman".
DATE: Pittsburg Press, 3 September 1909. 

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