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Oakland: Charles Lindbergh at Pitt Stadium


CAPTION: Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh 
in Pitt Stadium surrounded by Mayor Charles H. Kline, 
Members of Reception Committee, and Pages Miss Virginia 
Pierce and Miss Lucille Munn, 8-3-27.
NOTES: "Thousands of Pittsburgh admirers 
swarmed into Pitt Stadium August 3, 1927, to welcome the 
No. 1 hero of the day--Charles A. Lindbergh. Next to Lindy 
in this photo (left) is Mayor Charles Kline. Others in the
reception committee included Superintendent Pete Walsh 
(in uniform) and Daniel Winters (second  from right), 
President of City Council. The chic young ladies were
Virginia Pierce and Lucille Munn. The 60,000 seat stadium 
was formally opened September 26, 1925, with a 28 to 0 
Panther grid victory over Washington and Lee." 
(Courtesy of Bert Winters).
Left to right: Superintendent of Police Peter P. Walsh,
Councilman P. J. McArdle, Councilman Robert Allderdice,
Miss Virginia Pierce, one of the Pages, Mayor Kline,
Councilman W. Y. English (over the Mayor's shoulder),
Col. Lindbergh, Miss Lucille Munn, a Page, Daniel Winters,
President of City Council and Donald E. Keyhoe (arms
folded), Lindy's aide and business manager of the air tour.  
DATE: 3 August 1927.
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Visitors.
#: A204.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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