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Oakland: Images 7

Thumbnail: Photo of Forbes Field home plate 
(detail).152K Home Thumbnail: Photo of Church of the Ascension (detail).194K Ascension Thumbnail: Postcard of Soldiers' & Sailors' 
Memorial Hall. (detail).143K Memorial
Thumbnail: Photo of pre-construction site of Forbes Field 
(detail).105K Forbes Thumbnail: Photo of Bob Croneberger (detail).140K Croneberger Thumbnail128K Carnegie
Thumbnail: Photo of Andrew Carnegie's birthplace in 
Dunfermline (detail).105K Dunfermline Thumbnail: Photo of library patron and son (detail).185K Borrower Thumbnail: Photo of Home Library group (detail).112K Home Library
Thumbnail: Photo of Ralph Munn (detail).138K Munn Thumbnail: Postcard of Christopher Magee Memorial (detail).151K C. L. Magee Thumbnail: Scanned portrait of Ms. Rose Demorest (detail).191K Rose Demorest

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