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The Carnegie: What's in a Name?

Museum Side

Pythagoras         Greek philosopher (BCE 582-507)
Aristotle          Greek philosopher (BCE 384-322)
Columbus           Genoese explorer, discoverer of America (1446?-1506) 
Livingstone        Scottish explorer (1813-1873)
Magellan           Portuguese navigator (1480?-1521)
Say                American zoologist (1787-1834)
Leidy              American naturalist, physiologist (1823-91)
Harvey             English anatomist, physician (1578-1657)
Pliny              Roman naturalist, author (23-79)
Gutenberg          German reputed inventor of printing (1397?-1468) 
Cuvier             French naturalist (1769-1832)
Lamarck            French zoologist (1744-1829)
Linnaeus           Swedish botanist (1707-1778)
Humboldt           German naturalist, statesman (1769-1859) 
Bacon              English philosopher, statesman, author (1561-1626) 
Daguerre           French painter, inventor (1789-1851)
Gray               American electrician, inventor (1835-1901)   
Hooker             English botanist (1785-1865)
Decandolle         Swiss botanist (1806-93) 
Lyell              British geologist (1797-1875)
Dana               American geologist, mineralogist (1813-95)
Faraday            English chemist, physicist (1791-1867)
Priestley          English clergyman, chemist, physicist (1733-1804)
Morse              American artist, inventor (1791-1872) 
Henry              American physicist (1797-1878) 
Owen               English anatomist, zoologist (1804-92)
Audubon            American ornithologist (1785-1851)

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