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Oakland: Workman No. 13 Escapes Death

Workman No. 13 Escapes Death.

From The Pittsburg Press, 11 January 1909.

Joseph Suncerial narrowly escaped death, while digging a ditch in the new baseball park in Oakland this morning. Only the prompt action of fellow employees in digging him out saved his life. The victim was taken to the Mercy Hospital, where it was found his left leg was broken and his left side badly bruised and crushed.

Suncerial, whose check number was 13, with five other Italians were digging a ditch for a sewer running from the park to Boquet [sic] street. About 9 o'clock this morning, the walls of the ditch gave way and Suncerial was caught under the falling rock and mud. With the exception of his head he was completely buried. Five other employes [sic] quickly dug him from his perilous position. Dr. H. J. Goodrich was summoned and the injured man was taken to the hospital in a patrol wagon.

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