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The Point: Seal of the City of Pittsburgh, 1925

File of Council, City of Pittsburgh, Series 1925, File No. 1877, Bill No. 4361, Presented by Mr. Garland, December 14, 1925, In Committee on Finance, December 15, 1925, Affirmatively Recommended.

An Ordinance--Confirming and establishing the Arms of the City of Pittsburgh and providing permanent descriptive and graphic records therof.
Whereas, A certain device, adapted from the family arms of William Pitt, First Lord Chatham, has long been and is now employed as the Official Arms of the City of Pittsburgh and as the distinctive feature of its Great Seal; and,
Whereas, No ordinance or minute of Council establishing and describing the said device is extant, all records pertaining thereto having been destroyed with other of the municipal archives in the great fire of 1845; and,
Whereas, The design of the said City Arms, as of custom employed, should be firmed, and the permanence and integrity thereof insured by proper record and description established in law;
Section 1. Be it ordained and enacted by the City of Pittsburgh, in Council assembled, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by the authority of the same, That
The Arms of the City of Pittsburgh have been, and are, properly rendered as follows, to-wit:

On a field Sable, a fess chequay Argent et Azure, between three bezants bearing eagles rising with wings displayed and inverted Or. For crest, Sable a triple-towered castle masoned Argent.
Section 2. That an accurate colored rendering of the device, done in permanent pigments upon parchment, together with a line drawing of the same in fast black ink upon stout white paper be prepared by a competent person under the direction of the municipal Art Commission, and that these drawings be placed under glass in a fire-proof container, and preserved in the archives of Council.
Section 3. That hereafter all representations of the City Arms used upon official documents, publications, and stationery of the City, or as parts of architectural details or decorations in or on municipal structures, or wherever else employed as an official mark of the City shall conform strictly to the hereinbefore mentioned description and the aforesaid drawings.
Section 4. That the sum of One Hundred Dollars, or such portion thereof as shall be necessary, be, and is hereby appropriated from Code Account 42--Contingent Fund of the City of Pittsburgh for the purchase of the aforesaid drawings and the necessary provision for their proper preservation.
Section 5. That any Ordinance or part of Ordinance conflicting with the provisions of this Ordinance, be and the same is hereby repealed, so far as the same affects this Ordinance.

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