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The Point: Organizations

* The Block House
"The old weather-beaten relic of frontier days"

* A Brief Controversy
* Sesquicentennial
* Vandals at the Block House
* "Glow of Dawn"

* Indian Trails to Fort Duquesne
"He has left the memory of his residence in the names of almost every mountain, river and creek from the Susquehanna to the Ohio"
* The Underground River
"The proper name of our 'Underground River' is the 'Wisconsin Glacial Flow'."
* The Fountain at the Point
"Like an iceberg, 90 percent of the fountain is unseen."

* Point State Park
"The hills and rivers, little changed by man since the early days, provide a majestic memorial
far more impressive than any man-made monument."

* Primeval Planting for Point Park
* Pittsburgh's Fabulous Point Park

* The Exposition
"Life beyond the forge, the office and shop"

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