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South Side: John Eichleay Jr. Co.


CAPTION: Moving the "Brown Mansion."
NOTES: Moved on December 19, 1903 by John Eichleay, Jr.
Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Captain S. S. Brown built this mansion
in 1868. Originally twenty-four rooms. This three-story brick building
44 x 85 feet raised 160 feet and moved 600 feet from the Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad tracks at Brown's Station to the top of Squirrel Hill,
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. James Ward, Jr., nephew, came into possession in
1903 and had it raised at a cost of $40,000. Destroyed by fire 1913.
Copied from photograph in files of the Eichleay Corporation, Pittsburgh.
Marker in foreground: "Height 160 feet 10-27-03."
Banner strung across porch: "[John Eichelay Jr. Co. Construction ...]"
Another photograph offers a frontal view of the house. 
DATE: 27 October 1903.
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Houses.
#: A960.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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