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South Side: "Uncle John" Brashear


CAPTION: Dr. John Alfred Brashear was known and honored
for his precision instruments and lenses,w hich manyd possible many of the
most important astronomical discoveries of this century. He was a moving
spirit in the growth of the University of Pittsburgh's Allegheny
Obsrvatory. His love of people--especially children--was so strong that 
he became known to Pittsburghers as "Uncle John."
NOTES: His home at No. 19 Holt Street later became a 
community settlement house and his workshop there a small museum mainly
as a result fo the efforts of his close friends, who often gathered at
his home to look through his telescope. He died in 1920. 
DATE: c1914. 
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Portraits. Brashear, John.
#: A183.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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