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South Side: John Eichleay Jr. Co.


We Do All Kinds of Work Anywhere

John Eichleay Jr. Co.
Established 1875
Incorporated 1902
Capital $2,500,000.00
House Raising and Moving
Shoring and Foundation Work
We Do All Kinds of Work Anywhere
A. R. Peacock residence, Pittsburgh Pa. Three story stone building, 70 x 90 feet, raised 12 feet and moved 350 feet, to make room for new residence.
South 20th and Wharton Streets
Private Exchange: Bell Phone, Hemlock 420
Pittsburgh, Pa.

In the following pages we have attempted to illustrate the variety of ways in which we have been able to be of service to our customers.
With the employment in house moving of high grade engineering skill and modern equipment there is no reason why any building or other structure should not occupy the location best suited to it.
It is not longer necessary to incur the loss of time and money incident to demolishing a building to provide for alterations, additions, changes in grade, etc., when it can be moved intact.
While some of the work shown on the following pages may appear too difficult and costly to have warranted the expenditure, each contract was handled as a commercial proposition to the profit of the owner.
We shall be glad to have an opportunity of giving you the benefit of our forty years experience in moving, raising, lowering and shoring structures of all sizes and descriptions, including mill and office buildings, churches, stores, schools, dwellings, bridges, blast furnaces, car unloaders, tanks, boats, machinery, boilers and engines. [Page 2.]

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