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The Strip District: Shantytown: Looking Southwest


CAPTION: Depression village between
Penn and Liberty Aves. called a "Hooverville."
NOTES: "Hoovervilles" sprang up across America 
in the 1930s. They took their name from President Herbert Hoover 
who was in office when the "Great Depression" began.
Another view shows St. Elizabeth's Church
over the shanty rooftops.

"One of the most unusual sights we've ever seen in any city.
Here you will find men living in homemade 'houses' constructed
of box wood and lumber, begging description. Many curious folks
come out to 'Shantytown' and a guide eagerly shows one around
with explanations as to who is who and what is what in
'Shantytown.' Any donation you may give is part of the community
chest and shared by all the dwellers. Just out Liberty Avenue
about five minutes from downtown. There are no numbers but
we'd say about the 1800 block will bring you pretty close."(10)  
PHOTOGRAPHER: Brady Stewart. 
DATE: 1930.
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Housing.
#: A215.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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