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Collecting Things

Abeyta, Jennifer
Surveys the history of coin minting in the United States, explains what factors determine the value of collectible coins, and offers ways to start a collection.
j CJ1832.A44 2000
Abeyta, Jennifer
Introduction to stamp collecting, including information on the history and value of stamps.
j HE6213.A23 2000
Shells Cassie, Brian
National Audubon Society First Field Guide: Shells
Provides information about mollusks and their shells and how to identify them, along with detailed descriptions and photographs of fifty common North American shells.
j QL405.2.C37 2000
The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia Cockrill, Pauline
The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia
In this comprehensive volume on the teddy bearů"from political mascot to treasured toy and work of art," you will learn about the history, the practicalities of collecting and how to clean and repair both modern and traditional bears.
qj NK8740 .C59 1993
What a Doll Corbett, Sara
What a Doll!
Discusses the history and appeal of dolls and how they play an important role in religion, work, celebration, and cultural tradition in many parts of the world.
j NK4893 .C67 1996
Collecting Rocks & Crystals Farndon, John
Collecting Rocks & Crystals: Hold the Treasures of the Earth in the Palm of Your Hand
Introduces different kinds of rocks and mineral crystals, discussing how they are formed, how to identify them, and how to build a collection.
j QE432.2.F37 1999
Transformers: The Ultimate Guide Furman, Simon
Transformers: The Ultimate Guide
Explains and illustrates the history of the Transformers as toys and as television and comic-book characters.
qj NK8595.2.C45 F87 2004
Honus and Me Gutman, Dan
Baseball Card Adventure Series
If you collect baseball card, you may like the Baseball Card Adventure series by Dan Gutman. In the first book, Honus and Me, thirteen-year-old Stosh finds the most valuable baseball card in the world while cleaning out an old lady's attic - the 1909 Honus Wagner T-206. He also discovers he has the power to travel through time, using baseball cards as his time machine. Other books in the series include Abner and Me, Babe and Me, Jackie and Me, Mickey and Me, Satch and Me, Shoeless Joe and Me.
Hannah's Collections Jocelyn, Marthe
Hannah's Collections
Picture book
Unable to decide which of her many collections to take to school, Hannah surveys her collections of buttons, shells, feathers, and other wonderful objects and comes up with a unique solution.
Collecting Baseball Cards Owens, Tom
Collecting Baseball Cards: 21st Century Edition
Provides standards for grading the condition of cards, descriptions of rare cards, tips for cyber-collecting, and hints for hobby shows.
j GV875.3.O84 2001
Collecting Comic Books Owens, Tom
Collecting Comic Books: A Young Person's Guide
A guide for aspiring comic book collectors contains an overview of the history of comic books, tips on starting or adding to collections, and advice on preservation and storage.
j PN6714 .O96 1995
Bottle Houses Slaymaker, Melissa Eskridge
Bottle Houses: The Creative World of Grandma Prisbrey
The true tale of Tressa "Grandma" Prisbrey, an Outsider Artist famed for her creation of the Bottle Village that the State of California designated an Historical Landmark. In order to house her huge pencil collection, Grandma Prisbrey built numerous structures in her back yard made of tens of thousands of bottles unearthed from the dump and set in mortar.
j NK512.P75 S58 2004

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