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School Subject Links:
Inventors, Inventions & Science Projects

Inventors & Inventions
Science Projects

Inventors & Inventions

  • Inventor of the Week and Archives
    Read about the Inventor of the Week, or search this extensive site by inventor's last name or by invention. This site is part of Invention Dimension, a program based at MIT.

  • National Inventors' Hall of Fame
    Search for inventors' bios, or browse by inventors' names, inventions, and types of inventions. This site by the National Inventors' Hall of Fame also explains how and when inventors are inducted.

  • People and Discoveries
    Browse or search this PBS database for important people and discoveries listed in timelines. Discoveries are also organized by topic, like medicine, physics and technology.

  • Spotlight Biography: Inventors
    Read short entries about a handful of inventors, and then visit links to find more information about the specific inventors (or inventions in general) in this Smithsonian site.

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Kids Pages
    Find answers to all your questions about patents, trademarks and copyrights. You can also play games, solve puzzles, enter contests, and find many links to related sites-- such as the main USPTO page, where you can search the patent database (full text from 1976).

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Science Projects

  • Experimental Science Projects: An Introductory Level Guide
    Presents basic information about starting a science project, including all of the important parts to include.

  • Science Fair Central from
    Visit the Science Fair Studio for a Handbook outlining everything you need to know about creating a science project, a list of project ideas, and a helpful bibliography on science projects. Also check out frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and tip sheets.

  • Science Fair Project Ideas from the Chicago Academy of Sciences
    Come up with ideas for your science project, by looking at this list of questions organized by difficulty levels, from "Do ants like cheese or sugar better?" to "What are the effects of chlorine on plant growth?"

  • Science Fair Project Resource Guide

  • Provides websites that take you through all of the steps of creating a good science fair project.

  • Science Project Help Sheet from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
    This guide from Reference Services provides ideas on how to use the library when you're developing your science project. Includes a list of books (linked to the library catalog) and online resources about science projects.

  • Successful Science Fair Projects
    Provides the sections for a science project, as well as display tips. This site was created by a science teacher and former science fair organizer and judge.

  • The Ultimate Science Fair Resources
    Pick up science fair ideas, hints and tips. Find out the important parts of creating an experiment, a written report, and a display board. Also learn about the scientific method from this site's creator, Dr. John, who holds degrees in computer science, information science and physics.

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