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Beechview is situated in the Southwestern section of Pittsburgh and is surrounded by Banksville, West End, Mt. Washington, Brookline and the Boroughs of Dormont and Green Tree and Municipality of Mount Lebanon. Beechview is a neighborhood with long established families and businesses. This small, but very active community has been served by the Beechview Branch since 1967.

Beechview History

Named for the many beech trees found on its hillsides, Beechview was originally settled by Scotch-Irish and English pioneers in the late 1700's. Welsh and Irish settlers soon followed working in the many local coal mines. The mid 1800's saw the arrival of German truck farmers. A small German community known as Seldom Seen developed adjacent to Beechview. Once part of Lower St. Clair Township, Seldom Seen was annexed to the city in 1924. Italian and Jewish families began arriving in Beechview before World War I. Today the population reflects a rich racial and ethnic diversity.

Incorporated as a borough in 1905, Beechview was annexed to the City of Pittsburgh in 1909. The arrival of a trolley line in 1902 led to the community's growth and development. This growth was further spurred by the opening of the Liberty Tubes in 1924. Today, PAT's subway runs through the heart of the community carrying commuters between the suburbs and Downtown. The community is bounded by Saw Mill Run Boulevard, West Liberty Avenue, Wenzell Avenue, and Banksville Road.

Beechview today is a residential neighborhood replete with many small businesses, eight churches, five parks, three schools, three senior residential complexes, a swimming pool, and, of course, the Library. Beechview is also home to the Beechview-Seldom Seen Greenway that spans over 90 acres of undeveloped woodland.