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Income Tax Resources

The Business Department has an expanded collection of resources to help you with your 2003 tax returns. Questions? - Call us at 412-281-7140.

At 1040 Central find what you need to file your federal taxes:
  • Do you qualify for free e-filing...
  • Did you receive the child tax credit...
  • Are you eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit..
  • Check the statis of your refund...
  • Order forms and publications...

The PA Department of Revenue's e-Services web page includes links to:
  • - free e-filing of PA state tax
  • Check the status of your return or refund

The City of Pittsburgh's Finance Department has:
  • Personal and Business Tax Forms
  • Online filing of your Pgh-40

The following locations will be open and assisting with tax forms on the 15th (please plan to arrive early, spaces are limited):
City & County Building(federal, state and city taxes)
Hours on April 15th: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Prothonotary's Office: 2nd Floor.
(Enter on Ross Street between Forbes and Fourth Aves.)
Phone: 412-350-4207

State Office Building(State taxes only)
Hours on April 15th: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
State Office Building, 300 Liberty Ave. Room 104
Phone: 412-565-7540

Federal Building(federal taxes only)
Hours on April 15th: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Moorhead Federal Building, 1000 Liberty Ave.
(You will need a photo ID to enter the building.)
Phone: 412-395-5667

Useful Hotline numbers for forms and tax help :

  • 1-800-829-1040  -  IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals and Joint Filers
  • 1-800-829-4933  -  IRS Tax Help Line for Business Filers
  • 1-800-829-3676  -  IRS Forms and Publications Ordering
  • 1-800-829-1954  -  IRS Refund Hotline
  • 1-800-796-1074  -  IRS Extension to File using Tele-File System
  • 1-888-728-2937  -  PA Tax Fact and Information Line (automated) - check status of return; forms and publications ordering
  • 1-717-787-8201  -  PA personal income tax questions
  • 1-717-787-1064  -  PA business tax questions
  • 412-255-2524  -  City of Pittsburgh forms
  • 412-255-8822  -  City of Pittsburgh tax questions

We participate in the BPOL (Banks, Post Office and Library) forms distribution program. In addition to the forms we carry, we provide copies of the following publications:

  • Pub 17, Your Federal Income Tax provides answers to the most often asked tax questions and identifies other IRS publications that give more information on a specific topic. Well written and easy to understand, this is a good starting place to find answers to the most frequently asked tax questions.
  • Pub 334, Tax Guide for Small Business provides general information about the federal tax laws that apply to sole proprietors and to statutory employees using Schedule C or C-EZ.
  • Pub 505, Withholding and Estimated Tax explains the two methods for paying your tax and how to take credit on your return for the tax that was withheld and for your estimated tax payments.
  • Pub 520, Scholarships and Fellowships covers the rules for scholarships, fellowships, and tuition reductions and identifies which are tax free.
  • Pub 533, Self-Employment Tax explains what the tax is, why and how you pay it, who must pay it and how to report it on your tax return.
  • Pub 535, Business Expenses discusses common business expenses and explains what is and is not deductible.
  • Pub 544, Sales and other Disposition of Assets explains the tax rules that apply when you dispose of personal, investment or business property, and illustrates how to fill out Form 4797 (Sale of Business Property) and Form 8824 (Like-Kind Exchanges).
  • Pub 550, Investment Income and Expenses provides information on the tax treatment of investment income and expenses, what income is taxable and what expenses are deductible. It also explains how to determine and report gains and losses on Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses).
  • Pub 551, Basis of Assets is used to figure the gain or loss on property sold, and also depreciation, amortization, depletion, and casualty losses.
  • Pub 554, Older Americans Tax Guide gives a general overview of topics of interest to older Americans, including which income is taxable, available tax credits and how to report Social Security Benefits, the sale of a home and IRS contributions and deductions.
  • Pub 560, Retirement Plans for Small Business discusses retirements plans an employer can set up and maintain for himself and his employees, and covers SEP, SIMPLE and qualified plans.
  • Pub 564, Mutual Fund Distributions has information for shareholders of mutual funds, including how to report distributions and undistributed long-term capital gains, and how to report gain or loss when selling, exchanging or redeeming shares.
  • Pub 575, Pension and Annuity Income gives the information needed to determine the tax treatment of distributions from pension and and annuity plans.
  • Pub 583, Starting a Business and Keeping Records provides basic federal tax information for those starting a business with an illustrated example of a recordkeeping system.
  • Pub 587, Business Use of Your Home (including use by day-care providers) gives the requirements that qualify this deduction, types of expenses you can deduct and how to figure this deduction with special rules for day-care providers.
  • Pub 590, IRA's discusses the rules for IRAs, including setting up, contributing to, transferring to and from, making withdrawals, receiving distributions and handling an inherited IRA.
  • Pub 596, Earned Income Credit provides detailed examples and eligibility requirements for the Earned Income and Advanced Earned Income Credits.
  • Pub 936, Home Mortgage Interest Deduction discusses the rules for deducting home mortgage interest.
  • Pub 969, Medical Savings Accounts explains Archer MSAs and introduces Medicare+Choice MSAs for self-employed and employees of certain small businesses.
  • Pub 970, Tax Benefits for Education explains tax benefits for those saving for or paying higher education costs, including the Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits and student loan interest deduction.
  • Pub 972, Child Tax Credit is used to figure the child tax credit and the additional child tax credit.
Tax-related materials:
The Business Department has an up-to-date selection of books, videos and audiotapes dealing with all aspects of taxation. Use the Catalog to locate these materials. Choose the Keyword option and use "income tax" as your search terms.

Unanswered questions?
Call the Business Department at 412-281-7141.

A list of other tax related websites is available from the Social Sciences Department of the Main Library.

To find out more about what we offer you here at the Business Department, visit our homepage, and sign up for Biznews, our free monthly email newsletter.

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