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Children's Department

Special Collections Overview

Books as Artifacts

Many of the books in our collection are out of print but not (yet) available online. Many of our books are valuable not only for their text and illustrations, but for the book itself. These books are artifacts. Their binding, endpapers, size, and other physical features make them interesting and unique.

Books in the Department, Books on First Stack

Some of the books in our reference collection are shelved in the Children's Department. Due to space limitations, most of the books are shelved on First Stack, a closed stack area. The books are catalogued, so if you find them in the online catalog, please ask a librarian to retrieve the books you would like to see.

Rare or Fragile Books

Books that are rare or fragile are in a closed stack area in the department. They are catalogued, so if you find them in the online catalog and want to see them, please ask at the Children's Department Reference Desk.

Circulating Books

We do have duplicates of some of the books in our reference collection. These may be available for circulation. Please ask a librarian.