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Films in Tamil

I Have Found It (2000) - Rich and pampered sisters Sawmya and Meenakshi want for nothing except the true love their hearts crave. While Sowmya grudginly places family responsibilities ahead of romance, Meenakshi years for a white knight. Manohar, an aspiring filmmaker, falls for Sowmya but will wed her only after directing his first film. Commando Major Bala woos Meenakshi despite physical and emotional war wounds and competition from Srikanth. But with the patriarch's health ebbing, the romantic storm Meenakshi and Sowmya wished for may soon be eclipsed by the harsh realities of modern life. DVD.

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (2004) - A Muslim wildlife photograher and a married south Indian Brahmin are thrown together during on a bus journey when they find themselves in a middle of a Muslim riot. Their conventional beliefs are challenged and their lives are changed. DVD.

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