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Films in Chinese

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002) - Set in the early 1970s during the later stages of China's Cultural Revolution, two city-bred teenage best friends are sent to a backward mountainous region for Maoist re-education. DVD.

The Bride with White Hair (1993) - Doomed lovers are caught in the cross-fire of warring clans. DVD.

The Bride with White Hair 2 (1993) - The Bride with White Hair saga continues with the bloody massacre of the followers of the Eight Clans. Powerful, insane and obsessed with hatred, the Bride can only be stopped by the one person she loves. DVD.

Chungking Express (2002) - Two interwined romantic tales take place inside the Ch'ung-ch'ing high-rise shopping center in downtown Hong Kong: a policeman falls in love with a snack bar waitress while a house detective gets involved with a female drug dealer. DVD.

Devils on the Door Step (2000) - Banned in China, Jiang Wen's ravishingly photographed anti-war epic is set in 1945 in Japanese-occupied rural China where a peasant is forced to shelter two prisoners: one Japanese who wants to die, and his Chinese interpreter who wants to live. DVD.

Fallen Angels (1995) - In the garishly lit late-night world of Hong Kong, the lives of four lonely people briefly intersect: Wong Chi-Ming, a jaded hit man who wants out of his dangerous, solitary business but is leery of emotional involvement; the Agent, the beautiful partner-in-crime he's never met, but who's fallen in love with Chi-Ming anyway; Baby, a bleach-blonde, night-crawling cookie who's looking for love but will settle for being remembered by Chi-Ming; and He Zhiwu, a mute, overgrown child who, in the wee hours, breaks into closed-up shops, opens them for business and forces customers to shop against their will. DVD or VHS.

Farewell, My Concubine (1993) - Story that spans more than 50 years in the lives of two men at the Peking Opera, friends since childhood, and the woman who comes between them. Also an absorbing drama of the period in Chinese history from the warlord era through the Cultural Revolution. DVD.

Fearless Hyena (1979) - A country boy, secretly learning a lost style of kung fu from his grandfather, fights in the local village for money. An evil leader recognizes the ancient fighting style and kills his grandfather. Now he must train under another Master and avenge the life of one of his own. DVD.

Happy Together (1997) - Yiu Fai and Po Wing left Hong Kong for a great waterfall in South America, but in the end are stuck on the streets of Buenos Aires. Yiu Fai's life takes on a new spin, while Po Wing's life shatters continuality in contrast. DVD.

Iron Monkey (1993) - The legendary Iron Monkey teams up with a young girl to battle corrupt and greedy government officials in ancient China. DVD.

The Killer (1989) - A hitman hired by the mob for one last job is pursued by a relentless cop. The hitman's mistress is caught in the crossfire of a bloody shootout. VHS.

Kung Fu Hustle (2004) - Sing, a hapless gangster, must overcome his inability to wield a knife and demonstrate his mettle in order to become a member of the notorious Axe Gang. He realizes he is the greatest kung fu master of them all, destined to protect the sacred streets. DVD.

Red Firecracker Green Firecracker (1994) - Set against the close of the Ching Dynasty at the turn of the century, this tale of forbidden love and loyalty ignites the screen with passion. With no male heirs to run their fireworks factory, the Chai family's beautiful daughter has been groomed for the role of master. Renounced of her femininity, she is clothed like a man and forbidden to marry, a role which she dutifully accepts until a rebellious young artist becomes employed at the factory. He unleashes in her an unbridled passion that challenges her loyalty to her ancestral heritage and threatens the tradition that has bound her. VHS.

Shaolin Soccer (2004) - A Shaolin Kung Fu expert unites with a washed-up soccer star to build the ultimate team, combining sportsmanship with martial arts. DVD.

The Story of Qiu Ju (1993) - A stoic peasant woman demands an apology when her husband is kicked in the groin by the village chief. But the Chief is a proud man who refuses to apologize, sending her on a futile trek through the complicated Chinese court system. VHS.

Temptress Moon (1996) - This is a captivating story of a beautiful young woman, her seductive lover and their struggle for power, passion and revenge. DVD.

To Live (1994) - In a smoky gambling den in 1940's China, a drunken young man runs through his family's fortune, losing their ancestral home and all their possessions. This staggering loss proves to be their salvation, and the first step in an odyssey of survival that will take them through war and revolution, love and loss, tragedy and triumph. VHS.

What Time is it There? (2001) - Hxiao Kang sells watches on the streets of Taipei for a living. Shortly after his father's death, he meets a young woman who leaves for Paris the next day. He sells her his own watch which has two dials so she can keep time with both Paris and Taipei. His brief encounter with the young woman makes him run around setting all the watches in Taipei to Paris time. DVD.

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