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Films in Czech

Autumn Spring (2001) - Fanda is an old man who refuses to grow up. Despite pleas from his exasperated wife, Emilie, and son who want him to make some serious about the future, he ignores their nagging and spends his days seeking amusement and adventure. Aided by a pal, Fanda keeps his acting skills sharpened by pretending he is a retired opera star in the market for an opulent country estate. When he fakes his own death, his wife decides she has had enough and files for divorce. They soon discover that instead of worrying about old age, perhaps it's time to live each day to the fullest. DVD.

Closely Watched Trains (1966) - Comedy-drama about a young trainmaster employed in a tiny station during World War II. He becomes involved in a plot to blow up a German ammunition train, but when the plan backfires, he is forced to commit the ultimate act of courage. DVD or VHS.

Dark Blue World (2001) - The friendship of two men becomes tested when they both fall for the same woman. DVD.

Divided We Fall (2000) - During World War II and the Nazi occupation of Czechoslavakia, a couple, Josef and Marie, decide to hide a young Jewish neighbor in their small apartment. They keep getting a visit from their neighbor, Horst, who is a German sympathizer and has his eye on Marie. When she rejects his advances he seeks revenge by trying to move a Nazi clerk into their home, forcing the couple to tell a lie that will change their lives forever. VHS.

The Firemen's Ball (1967) - In a small provincial town, arrangements and events surrounding the firemen's annual ball, honoring a retiring firechief, go wrong at every turn. DVD or VHS.

The Good Soldier Schweik (1956) - A humorous, satire based around the events of World War I, this is a tale of a soldier in the Czech army who causes havoc due to his bumbling nature. Schweik, a good-natured buffoon in the Czech Army during WWI, determined to do his duty, has mishaps that bring disaster to rigid military situations. DVD.

The Good Soldier Schweik 2: Beg to Report, Sir (1957) - Continues the exploits of Schweik, a good-natured buffoon in the Czech Army during WWI, whose mishaps bring disaster to rigid military situations. Though determined to do his duty, the messes he creates expose the weaknesses of the military as an institution and bring into sharp relief the absurdity of war. DVD.

Kolya (1996) - A confirmed bachelor is in for the surprise of his life when a get-rich-quick scheme backfires, setting off a wild set of circumstances and leaving him with a pint-sized new roommate. DVD.

Larks on a String (1969) - While serving time for desertion and taking steps toward re-education, a rag-tag group of junkyard workers unite as a young couple decides to marry. Even the prison guards can't resist this romance as the wedding and on-site honeymoon unfold in a series of plot twists. VHS.

Obchod na Korze (1965) - In 1942, Tono and his wife are struggling because of his antipathy towards the fascist regime. His brother-in-law, the local fuehrer, chooses Tono to oversee a button shop owned by a sweet, harmless Jewish widow, Mrs. Lautman. Unable to explain his position to Mrs. Lautman, Tono gradually accepts her belief that he is her assistant. When the Jews are ordered deported, the well-meaning Tono decides to shield her from the Nazis. DVD.

The Shop on Main Street (1965) - The story, set in 1942, of a touching relationship between an elderly Jewish shopkeeper and her Nazi-appointed supervisor. When the Jews are ordered deported, he decides to shield her from the Nazis. DVD or VHS.

Zelary (2003) - During WWII, nurse Eliska is part of a secret resistance movement with her lover, surgeon Richard. When he is discovered, she is forced to leave the hospital in order to hide from the Nazis as well. A sympathetic colleague sends her off with a patient whose life she saved, to the remote Moravian mountain village of Zelary, where time has stopped, as he has agreed to hide her as his wife. They live in a modest cabin for two years, waiting for the Nazi occupation to end and begin to form a bond despite their differences. DVD.

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