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Animal Mysteries

From pet detectives to furry perpetrators, these animal mysteries will have you wagging your tail!

Book Cover Albert, Susan Wittig
The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood: The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter
In this Beatrix Potter Mystery, a rabble of rats have invaded Hill Top Farm's attic, and resident cat Felicia Frummety is offended that other felines are invited to solve the problem. Even worse, Lake Windemere itself is in danger of becoming a tourist trap. How will the equal cast of humans and animals solve this one?
Baxter, Cynthia
Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow: A Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery
The murderer of a wealthy North Fork winery heiress left behind a stuffed bunny as the only clue for Jessica Popper, a vet moonlighting as a detective, to follow as she tries to clear her best friend Suzanne from the suspect list.
Book Cover Benjamin, Carol Lea
The Wrong Dog: A Rachel Alexander Mystery
Initially hired by an epileptic woman to investigating a service dog cloning operation, detective-and-pet team Rachel Alexander and her trusty pitbull Dash wind up trying to crack a murder case in this edgy mystery.
Book Cover Brewer, Steve
Monkey Man
This zoological mystery delivers what you'd expect from a story that opens with a lunchtime gorilla shootout in a café called the Flying Squirrel. Bubba Mabry Investigations is on the case, whether the local police department likes it or not.
Book Cover Brown, Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown
Puss 'n Cahoots: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery
This addition to the prolific Mrs. Murphy Mystery series pairs the detective, Mary Minor "Harry" Harristeen, with her partners in crime-fighting sidekicks Mrs. Murphy and Pewter. These cats lend their wits and their two cents to the rollicking plot that involves a horse theft, an heirloom theft, a murder, and a whole litter of shady suspects and wealthy targets at a Kentucky horse show.
Book Cover Conant, Susan
Animal Appetite: A Dog Lover's Mystery
Holly Winter, star of more than a dozen Dog Lover's Mysteries, is on the case with her Alaskan malamutes to solve the poisoning of a publisher, survived by his loveable golden retriever and less loveable family.
Douglas, Carole Nelson
Cat in a Red Hot Rage: A Midnight Louie Mystery
Take a twenty pound tomcat detective named Midnight Louie, his human sidekick Temple Barr, his old flame Divine Yvette, C-movie actress Crystal Phoenix, landlady murder suspect named Electra Lark, the Red Hat Sisterhood convention, a purple scarf as a murder weapon and put them in Las Vegas. Can a mystery get more fabulous?
Book Cover Pirnie, Amy
Lesser Creatures
Animal rights activists may be targeting London journalist Sue Bennet, and it's up to her to find whoever blew up her car, killing her friend Anil. When the clues lead her to international terrorist chemical suppliers, corrupt police and more criminals, what happens next?
Book Cover Westlake, Donald E.
Thieves' Dozen
This collection of eleven John Dortmunder stories are from the point of view of the thief. While the comical bandit isn't quite an animal lover, he does pull off a horse heist in one tale and is the animal in "Party Animal." Those are just a sampling of the silliness he tangles himself up in throughout these witty stories.

Updated: 5/8/2007

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