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Captivated by The Da Vinci Code?

Try these read-alikes!

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Book Cover Asensi, Matilde
The Last Cato: A Novel
Sister Ottavia Salina is called in to investigate the "stavrofilakes" a secret brotherhood entrusted with the protection of the "true cross".
Book Cover Berry, Steve
The Templar Legacy
Ex-U.S. Justice Department agent Cotton Malone searches for the treasure of The Knights Templar in the modern world.
Book Cover Berry, Steve
The Third Secret: A Novel of Suspense
The third secret of the children of Fatima was released to Pope John Paul II in 2000 -- but was it the real message?
Book Cover Khoury, Raymond
The Last Templar
Four Templar Knights ride their horses through the front door of the Metropolitan Museum of Art looking for a device that can unlock the true history of Christianity.
Book Cover Kostova, Elizabeth
The Historian
After opening a mysterious book in her late father's library, a young girl becomes his "dear and unfortunate successor" in the search for Dracula.
Book Cover Mosse, Kate
Two women living eight centuries apart dart and dodge after the Holy Grail.
Book Cover Reilly, Matthew
7 Deadly Wonders: A Novel
Broken into seven pieces by Alexander the Great, the Golden Capstone, if made whole, can provide unlimited power.
Book Cover Sierra, Javier
The Secret Supper: A Novel
Leonardo Da Vinci is accused by the "soothsayer" of painting heretical messages in The Last Supper. Fra Agostino Leyre is sent to deny or confirm.


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