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Love, Heartbreak, and Tights

Graphic Novels aren't all just tights and world domination anymore. These days graphic novels cover everything from personal memories, philosophy, quirky stories, AND world domination. This list contains a random selection of books where romance plays a part.

Claremont, Chris
X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga
In one of the greatest X-Men stories ever told, readers are treated to a surprising amount of depth and feeling. On one hand this is the story of Jean Grey, a woman seduced by power and the havoc she reeks when that powers spirals out of control. On the other hand, this is the story of Scott Summers, a man who must confront his own shortcomings to stop his lover from destroying the world. This is a profoundly moving tale of love, loss, and redemption.

Crane, Jordan
The Last Lonely Saturday
The sadness of loss is depicted in this heartbreaking graphic novel. Told entirely through wordless page size panels, a man spends a lonely Saturday writing a letter to his lost beloved, buying her flowers, and visiting her grave. The sepia tones and Crane's quirky style add to the touching nature of this work.

Bill Jemas and Brian Michael Bendis
Ulitmate Spiderman: Power and Responsibility
Peter Parker is the consummate nerd. He's shy, awkward, and he pines away for the pretty and popular Mary Jane. Then, as the classic story goes, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes Spiderman. In this modern retelling of the classic Spiderman creation story, readers experience Parker's unrequited love and the ensuing complications caused by Parker's alter ego.

Terry Moore
Strangers In Paradise: The Collected Strangers In Paradise
Francine and Katchoo are nothing alike. Francine is an insecure brunette who lets anyone into her life. Katchoo is a stormy blonde who tries desparately to keep everyone out of her life. They've been friends for years and things may be developing into more. Add David, a poor guy in love with Katchoo, and you have the makings for a mess. Terry Moore's classic graphic novel about relationships is at turns funny, touching, and dark.

Christine Norrie
Overworked and always stressed out, Mark and Janey's marriage is beginning to fray. But when they move next door to another couple, things go from bad to worse. Drawn in a classical pulp comics style, Norrie's story explores the nature of attraction and the consequences of actions.

J. Marc Schmidt
Egg Story
This is the story of incredible edible eggs that break out of the carton to journey towards their freedom. Join the eggs as they fall in love, do some shopping, become ninjas, and crack a few shells. Sound preposterous? Well it is, but Schmidt creates a graphic novel that is oddly endearing and poignant.

Craig Thompson
In the War and Peace of graphic novels, Craig Thompson explores the trepidation and excitement of first love and the remarkable oasis that love can be. In addition, Thompson delves into his childhood; his parent's fundamentalist beliefs, the safe world he and his brother created, and the dark pains of adolescence. What truly makes this book stand out it Thompson's lyrical, expressive line and the amount of feeling his artwork expresses. Its a feast for the heart and eyes.

J. Torres
Love As a Foreign Language
Well known author, Torres, takes a look at love. Joel is working as an English tutor in Korea. He can barely understand the language, the food makes him ill, and he feels one step behind all the time. That is until Hana starts working as a secretary at the school. Drawn in a tightly controlled manga style, this graphic novel is reminiscent of the subtle emotion and quiet fear of Lost in Translation

Andi Watson
Love Fights
Think you have a rough time meeting women? Try meeting girls in a world where superheroes are regularly seen soaring through the air, muscles rippling and cleft chins jutting. When Jack finally meets Nora and she agrees to go out with him, he's on cloud nine. That is until he realizes where she works, that his job is jeopardized and that his cat has disappeared. Watson uses soft line and shading to explore how mere humans live in a world filled with superheroes.

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