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Oh, the Horror!

Books to make your skin crawl...

Fiction is shelved alphabetically by author.

Book Cover Blatty, William Peter
The Exorcist
In a fictionalized account of a true story, a Jesuit priest must stretch himself to the limits to save a young girl from demonic possession. Later adapted to the screen by the author, the novel is every bit as bone-chilling and intense as its famous movie counterpart.
Book Cover Child, Lincoln & Douglas J. Preston
When a series of grisly murders disrupt preparations for a gala museum opening, graduate student Margo Green discovers a clue that leads her to believe that the perpetrator is not human. In fact, it's not even supposed to exist. This gripping novel combines fast-paced twists, a plausible scientific storyline, and look a museum culture, offering readers a story ripe with both horror and adventure.
Book Cover Hamilton, Laurell K.
Guilty Pleasures
Meet Anita Blake: necromancer, vampire hunter, slayer of the undead. Known to vampires simply as "the Executioner", Ms. Blake's reputation precedes her in a world where vampires are protected by law so long as they don't succumb to temptation. When innocent vampires begin turning up dead, Blake is hired to launch an investigation into who -- or what -- is behind the slayings. But can she trust her strange and powerful new employer?
Book Cover Jackson, Shirley
The Haunting of Hill House
A subtle, psychological horror, The Haunting of Hill House revolves around emotionally-troubled Eleanor Vance, who agrees to take part in an anthropologist's unusual study of "supernatural manifestations" at a haunted manor.
Book Cover Lovecraft, H.P.
At the Mountains of Madness
Join the expedition from Miskatonic University as its members embark on a journey across the remote and lifeless Antarctic plateau. But just how lifeless is it? When fossils of strange creatures and mysterious rock carvings are discovered, it soon becomes clear that they are not alone in the windswept wilderness.
Book Cover King, Stephen
The Stand
A rapidly mutating superflu has eradicated 99% of the world's population, leaving behind a motley band of weary survivors in the American desert. Soon, after experiencing dream-like visions of good and evil, they must choose sides and brace themselves for a final, apocalyptic confrontation.
Book Cover Matheson, Richard
I Am Legend
The lone survivor of a devastating plague that has left the world populated with vampires, Robert Neville has become the stuff of legend; a "mythical" monster that is feared and reviled by the undead masses. Forced to barricade himself in at night, and hunt starving vampires by day, Neville's struggle for survival is chronicled in a documentary-style that makes this horror masterpiece seem all the more surreal.
Book Cover Shelley, Mary
Forget the campy Frankenstein character you've seen in the movies; Mary Shelly's classic story of a man's quest to create life owes nothing to Hollywood. This dark, Victorian thriller explores the conflict between man and his creations, as Frankenstein's monster learns to loath both himself and the one who gave him life.
Book Cover Stevenson, Robert Louis
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The result of a science experiment gone wrong, good-natured Dr. Jekyll is suddenly transformed into the horrifying Mr. Hyde. More than just a classic tale of terror, this story is an examination of the good and evil within us all.

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