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Investigate the Code

Captivated by The Da Vinci Code? Now do the Research!

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Book Cover Baigent, Michael and Richard Leigh
Holy Blood, Holy Grail
DC40.B33 2004
What is the Prievre de Scion? Who are the Knights Templar? Did Jesus ever marry? Are the secrets of the Holy Grail revealed? This is the alternate history that started it all.
Book Cover Ehrman, Bart D.
Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code: A Historian Reveals What We Really Know about Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Constantine
PS3552.R685434 D3335 2004
Though a fan of the novel, the author attempts to debunk the faulty history behind Dan Brown's mega-best-seller.
Book Cover Newman, Sharan
The Real History behind The Da Vinci Code
PS3552.R685434 D336 2005
How much of The Da Vinci Code is real? Not much in keeping with the evidence presented by medieval scholar, Sharan Newman.
Book Cover Price, Robert M.
The Da Vinci Fraud: Why the Truth is Stranger than Fiction
PS3552.R685434 D3367 2005
The author, a New Testament scholar and member of the Jesus Seminar reveals how truth can be stranger than fiction.
Book Cover Rogak, Lisa
The Man behind the Da Vinci Code: An Unauthorized Biography of Dan Brown
PS3552.R685434 Z89 2005
This is the complete story of Dan Brown's rise from the depth of obscurity to the renown of The Da Vinci Code.
Book Cover
Secrets of the Code: The Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries behind The Da Vinci Code
BS2840.S43 2004x
This work is considered the most complete and accessible guide to understanding The Da Vinci Code.
Book Cover Smoley, Richard
Forbidden Faith: the Gnostic Legacy from the Gospels to The Da Vinci Code
BT1390.S5529 2006x
Smoley takes the difficult task of explaining Gnosticism to the general public and runs with it in this excellent primer.
Book Cover Witherington, Ben
The Gospel Code: Novel Claims about Jesus
PS3552.R685434 D339 2004
An evangelical New Testament scholar takes a critical look at the background of The Da Vinci Code.


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