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Love Your Librarian?

Take home one of these titles which feature superhero, romancing, futuristic, time-traveling, spell-casting librarians!

Please click on individual titles to check for availability. Want to know more? Ask a librarian.

Book Cover Beinhart, Larry
The Librarian
A moonlighting archivist becomes dangerously ensnared in his employer's corrupt politics during election year.
Book Cover Cooley, Martha
The Archivist
Employing the life of T.S. Eliot as a template, this author creates an intelligent narrative through the life of an archivist that reads like a psychological thriller.
Book Cover Hylton, Sara
Easter at the Lakes
A librarian takes a mini-holiday away from her mother to England's Lake District with a new love interest and discovers that her fellow is not what he seems.
Book Cover Klasky, Mindy
Girl's Guide to Witchcraft
Timid, unfashionable librarian-girl meets mysterious trap-door in the floor of her winsome cottage which reveals a treasure-trove of spell-casting tools that lead to fantasy and romance!
Book Cover Kurzweil, Allen
The Grand Complication
Who is the only person that can solve the grand complication? A knowledgeable reference librarian, of course. For fans of Arturo Perez-Reverte and those who enjoy an intellectual romp.
Book Cover Lavagnino, Alessandra
The Librarians of Alexandria: A Tale of Two Sisters
From Italy's unification in 1870 to the end of World War II, this is the saga of a family told through the narrations of its youngest daughter as she reminisces with her aged and infirmed aunt.
Book Cover McMullen, Sean
Eyes of the Calculor
Dueling librarians 2,000 years in the future!
Book Cover Miller, Keith
The Book of Flying
A wingless-librarian falls in love with a winged-girl and quests to obtain the book that will give him wings.
Book Cover Niffenegger, Audrey
The Time Traveler's Wife
A dark-haired punk librarian involuntarily time travels, often returning to present-tense at his library in his altogether after being chronologically snatched away.
Book Cover Odom, Mel
The Rover
A halfling librarian-turned-adventurer stars in this first installment of the Wick Lamplighter series.
Book Cover Sansom, Ian
The Case of the Missing Books
A Jewish-vegetarian-librarian is transplanted in Northern Ireland where he hilariously must find out what happened to the missing contents of his bookmobile.
Swift, Edward
This alluring librarian, who has just arrived in East Texas speaking Victorianese, is more than what she seems. Uniting the town in worthy projects and falling in love with the town preacher, this debut novel tells a surprising and entertaining tale of well-mannered, beautiful subversion.

Updated: 6/15/2007

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