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Fit for a Queen: Fiction Inspired by the Victorian Era

These titles will steep you in the lore and romance of Queen Victoria's reign (1837-1901).

Book Cover Alexander, Tasha
And Only to Deceive
Newly-widowed Emily is drawn into a mystery while reading her late husband's journals.
Book Cover Blair, Annette
Scoundrel in Disguise
Lady Jade tries to stop a railroad company from taking her family property.
Book Cover Carey, Peter
Jack Maggs
A Dickensian tale about an escaped convict who returns to England to find his son.
Book Cover Dickinson, David
Death Called to the Bar
A junior bencher is dead, and Lord Powerscourt must solve the case.
Faber, Michael
The Crimson Petal and the White
A prostitute and a businessman cross paths and profoundly influence each other's destinies.
Book Cover Stirling, Jessica
The Workhouse Girl
Choosing the wrong husband leads Cassie to a life of danger and difficulty.
Book Cover Vine, Barbara
The Blood Doctor
Lord Martin investigates a family secret that leads to scandal about his great-great-grandfather.

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