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Starting a Small Business

Useful Web Sites

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"How To" Publications

  • The Pennsylvania Dept. of Community and Economic Development
    Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania
    The complete guide to starting a business in Pennsylvania. Provides detailed information about free services, checklists, helpful tips and licensing procedures along with address, telephone and website for each partner organization. Call 1-866-GO-NEWPA to receive a copy of the Guide.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
    Starting a Business in Pennsylvania: A Beginner's Guide
    This practical guide covers business registration, ein numbers, record keeping, financial and tax matters. Copies of this publication are available at Downtown & Business.
  • Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau
    A Guide to Business Registration in Pennsylvania
    This guide explains the different legal entities available to register as a business in Pennsylvania, outlines the steps in the registration process, and discusses fees and filing procedures. Available online only.
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
    SBA Small Business Resource Western PA
    This resource provides general guidelines for starting a business, and details about the multitude of SBA programs that support business development and financing, along with the local contacts needed to make use of them. Copies of this publication are available at Downtown & Business.

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Further Topics

Further topics for start-ups and existing businesses: