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Ceramics and Paper Art


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Davies, Jane
A glaze of color: creating color and design on ceramics
Ceramics artist Jane Davies demonstrates how to decorate the surface of ready-made bisqueware and tiles using commercially produced decorating colors known as underglazes and other materials to create beautifully colored pieces.
TT922.D38 2004
Martin, Andrew
The essential guide to mold making & slip casting
For potters, mold making is invaluable because it allows them to slip-cast identical multiples of their work-and this newly revised, now in color edition of Andrew Martin's classic is the definitive guide to the craft.
TT920.M3653 2006
Ros I Frigola, Maria Dolors
The Art & Craft of Ceramics
Beginners eager to explore the world of ceramics, as well as experienced potters seeking new techniques and ideas, will find this colorful, technique-packed manual absolutely inspiring.
q TT920.R6813 2006x

Paper Art

For additional titles, browse the library catalog under the subject headings: Paper Work, Origami, Greeting cards and Scrapbooks

Biddle, Steve
Paper Fold It
Discover the versatility of techniques possible in folding paper through this beautiful collection of original project designs.
q TT870.B53165 2008x
Browning, Marie
Paper Crafts Workshop: a beginner's guide to techniques & projects
The first in the Paper Crafts Workshop series, it showcases a wide variety of beautiful creative techniques to try.
TT870.B754 2007
Hopf, Claudia
Papercutting: tips, tools, and techniques for learning the craft
This how-to guide by acclaimed papercutter Claudia Hopf features everything beginners need to know to learn the craft, including tools, step-by-step instructions, finishing tips, and more than 80 patterns for traditional designs and seasonal decorations and more.
q TT870.H66 2007