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Embrace Culture Embrace Culture
Featured Collection October 2010

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh! Learn about the history and customs of various Spanish speaking countries, brush up on the Spanish language or select music and movies reflecting the many facets of Hispanic culture.

Spanish Stories and More
Whether you're studying Spanish in school or speak it at home, it can be fun to check out the library's bi-lingual books for kids. While not every location offers Spanish language materials, it's easy to request that books from other locations be sent to your neighborhood library.
Learn Spanish!
Check out our Spanish language page for resources on learning the lingo! We have grammar books, audio CDs, verb books and dictionaries. And don't forget to join our Spanish Conversation Club!
Spanish & Portuguese Food & Cooking
Within the last decade, Spanish cuisine has emerged as one of the most popular. The library has a broad collection of cookbooks to help you experience it, from albondigas to tapas.
Mexican Food & Cooking
Spanish food might be the new trend-setter, but one cannot live without Mexican food! Corn tortillas, chiles rellenos, tamales...what more could anyone want? We even have some cookbooks that will help you make it "light".
Masterful Fiction by Hispanic Authors
Famous and little-known, up and coming and classic, long and short stories—these haunting works are written about the Hispanic experience through the ages.
Hispanic Heritage for Teens
From 20th century immigrants to contemporary life, these books discuss the experiences of Hispanic teens in the United States and elsewhere.
¿Te Gustaría Cantar?
Here is a short, select list of Latin-American popular song books with piano accompaniment and guitar chord designations from the Music Department. You can also find song books from many other countries and in many other languages in the Department along with books about the history of music in Latin America, Spain and elsewhere.
Hispanic Heritage Month Music CDs
Here's just a small sample of 2009 and 2010 releases of both old and new music from the Spanish-speaking world.
Spanish Language Films
Practice your Spanish with these classic films from Luis Buñuel, Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro Amenábar, and Pedro Almodóvar.