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Funny Halloween Funny Halloween
Featured Collection October 2009

Q: "What did one ghost say to the other ghost?"
A: "Do you believe in people??"
Be the life of your Halloween party with humor and horror from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Halloween Hoots
If you've had your fill of ghosts and ghouls, why not try celebrating halloween with some giggles instead? Check out these silly stories, seasonal jokes and tips on tricks to play on your fellow monsters and settle in for some belly laughs. (Just don't be too surprised if we sneak in a ghost or two, too.)
Funny Halloween Movies
Some movies are horrible in a good way, and some movies are horrible in a bad way. Either way, if you'd like a little humor with your horror, these are the movies for you.
Horribulous Halloweenus Hilarious
Horror can be so much more than just scary or horrifying. The following list of books will show you the other masks horror can wear.
These books and movies will have you laughing --
or screaming -- out loud.