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Greetings from the Future!
Featured Collection April 2009

Escape into a sci-fi world, explore new technologies or learn about the future of American politics. The past and future await at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Award-Winning Science Fiction: Visions of the Future
See into the future with these Hugo and/or Nebula Award-winning science fiction classics.
Children's Books about the Future
Take trips to the moon and outer space or find out how to save the planet from the hot air of dragons.
Classic Science Fiction
How did authors imagine the future twenty or more years ago? Read one of these classic science fiction novels to find out.
End of the World
What do you think the future will look like? Read one of these books for some visions of the next few centuries.
Fiction With Science (That Isn't Science Fiction)
Want to read fiction about science that isnít considered "science fiction"? Try these titles!
Future Science & Technology
What will science and technology REALLY be like in the future? Learn about the latest advances in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, utility fog, robots, interplanetary travel, UFOs, and impossible physics.
Science Fiction: Films of the Future
Welcome to the future! If you believe what Hollywood tells us, we're either headed for a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland or a shiny plastic world where everyone wears the same color. Which would you prefer?

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