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'Tis the Season of Giving 'Tis the Season of Giving
Featured Collection December 2010

Take a moment away from your shopping and "to-do" lists and make a difference in your community. Whether you are celebrating the holiday spirit or looking for a tax write-off, you can learn about worthy charities or share your gifts to the world at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh!

Friends and Family: The Best Gift of All
Presents are pretty wonderful. After all, it's great to get something you really want. And it's fun to give gifts too, especially if you can deliver them in person and see how much the recipient appreciates them. But what really makes a gift special, whether you're getting it or giving it, is the connection you have to the other person.
Giving Round the World
Read these real life stories about how ordinary individuals have made a tremendous difference in the lives of the impoverished.
What YOU Can Do
Small acts of charity, random acts of kindness can brighten up another person's life.
Caring Volunteers Aren't Only in Fiction...
But we do like reading about them in novels. Try one and find yourself inspired to help someone this holiday season.
Teen Community Service
Step Up, Help Out, Get Inspired!
What better gift for the holidays than a tinful of cookies?! Bake some of these up and pass them around to your neighbors and office colleagues, or send them off to far away loved ones.