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Share the History!
Featured Collection February 2009

Explore the past through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's rich collection of biographies, historical fiction, genealogy materials, music, movies and more. Don't miss the Library's Black History Month programs!

Abraham Lincoln
February 12, 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Learn more about one of our favorite American president with this collection of resources.
Civil Rights in America
The Film & Audio Department contains a wide variety of materials relating to the Civil Rights movement in America, including the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr., biographies of famous activists, and documentaries about the people, places, and events that shaped our country.
Fresh Nonfiction
We've got new books about the history of baseball, World War II, African Americans, scientists, presidents... Or maybe instead of reading about famous people you'd like to read history from another point of view: the history of secret societies or assassinations?
History for Kids
For most kids, anything that happened before the turn of the Millennium is ancient history. But just because it happened before they were born (or even before their parents or grandparents appeared on the planet) doesn't mean an event isn't important and interesting. Check out some of these stories, real and imagined, to get a taste of times gone by.
Pittsburgh Oral Histories
These 42 oral history interviews provide a cross-section of Western Pennsylvanians and are full of the hearty, good-humored, and resilient qualities that make Western Pennsylvania what it is. We hope they will re-awaken your own memories of growing up and living in this unique and colorful region.
Stories Set in Pittsburgh's Past

From the 18th through the 20th century, these novels focus on Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania's human history.
The national StoryCorps oral history project allows everyday people to share and record their personal stories for posterity. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was a host location for this area and offers audio transcripts of local stories.
Stories of Yesterday: History
The future cannot exist without the past, and these books about important events in history will help you figure out where you fit today.