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Irish Life and Customs

Barrow, George Lennox
The Round Towers of Ireland: A Study and Gazetteer
Barrow documents the historical and architectural significance of the mysterious Irish round tower, suggesting that, with the development of mortar, the towers naturally evolved from the drystone beehive huts found in such areas as the Dingle Peninsula and Skellig Michael. The book includes a county by county inventory of all of Ireland's existing round towers, including each tower's history, dimensions, and cross sectional representation.
Byrne, Art and Sean McMahon
Faces of the West, 1875-1925: A Record of Life in the West of Ireland
This haunting collection is "a record in picture and literary excerpt of life in the west of Ireland on both sides of the century's turn." Unforgettable photos of Aran Islanders, a mother and son of Lisdoonvarna, and the Royal Flying Corps of Castlebar, complete with their three canine mascots, prove the old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words."
Book Cover Eagleton, Terry
The Truth About the Irish
This book is a whimsical A to Z of all things Irish. The origins of the bodrhan and shillelagh, the significance of Phoenix Park, Tara, and Dublin 4, and the curious absence of the word "no," in the Irish language are just a few of the subjects addressed in this introduction to the various eccentricities of Irish culture.
MacWeeney, Alen and Richard Conniff
Irish Walls
The poetic simplicity of the ubiquitous Irish wall spills onto the pages of this book in prose and photograph, capturing the essence of Ireland. Ireland's walls have become "the spine and ribs of the Irish landscape." Each is a unique testament to the skill and strength of its creator.
McCafferty, Mary A., et al.
Irish Trivia
What does Sinn Fein mean? Where is the grave of William Butler Yeats? What is the smallest county in Ireland? Who are the fairy women who foretell death? The answers to these questions and more are found in this entertaining and educational book.