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Music to Soothe the Soul Be Creative @ Your Library
Music to Soothe the Soul
Featured Collection June 2009

Explore Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's music collection -- learn to play the guitar, be inspired by a renowned performance or expand your comfort zone with a new style of music.

Choral Music on CD
Whether your choral enthusiasms lay in the intimate subtleties of unaccompanied choral singing, the heroic power of a large-scale choral and orchestral extravaganza, or something in-between, these suggestions are sure to provide you with soothing choral music listening.
Learning a New Musical Instrument
Maybe the beginning months of learning something new are not always soothing, but as time goes on, the newly learned ability to make music can provide endless hours of great pleasure.
Whether you are looking for classic lullabies, lullabies from around the world or lullaby renditions of famous rock tunes from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and more, this list covers them all!
Music for Kids
Making music is one of the oldest joys we humans have--and our newest additions are often the least self-conscious about doing so. To explore your own inner musician, check out this sampling sure to satisfy a variety of musical tastes.
Musical Fiction
Stories about musicians and how music etches itself into their lives.
New Age
Whatever style you like, and whatever you call it, New Age music is less about the melody and more about the textures and feelings that the music creates. Here is a small sample of the CDs available in our "New Age" section.
Opera on DVD
Operas so often deal in very dramatic ways with murder, prostitution, suicide and other angst sustaining storylines, we forget that there are some amazing romantic and comic operas that can make us all forget the day’s depressing news if only for a few hours.
Pittsburgh Ambient Music
Ambient Music is music that is more concerned with creating a soundscape than songwriting, and unlike new age music, nowadays it is not necessarily soothing. Here are some artists with Pittsburgh connections.