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Pittsburgh Ambient Music

When Brian Eno started using the term "Ambient Music" in the 1970s, he desired to create music as a "background feature in the environment" that would be "as ignorable as it is interesting." It is music that is more concerned with creating a soundscape than songwriting, and unlike new age music, nowadays it is not necessarily soothing. Below are some artists with Pittsburgh connections that could loosely be described as ambient.

Meisha Returns Meisha Forever
With two electric guitars and bass, Meisha created interwoven trance music that would make minimalist composer Steve Reich proud.
Moore, Steve
The Henge
A solo album from one half of the instrumental duo Zombi that's reminiscent of the synthesizer soundtracks to 1980s John Carpenter films.
Tamburo, Mike
Beating of the Rewound Son
The primary instrument on this album is guitar, but underneath the acoustic and electric guitar are all kinds of drones, effects, pulses and swells of sound.
Terra Ambient
The Darker Space
Best described as dark ambient, the music on this CD is mostly amorphous sound with some electronic drums.
The Unquiet Void
AlterCulture Records (once based in Pittsburgh) released the first full-length album of haunting dark ambient by Jason Wallach's Unquiet Void.